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Ruby SDK

We have made our own Ruby SDK for Errordeck. You can find it here.

Right now it support Rack out of the box.

How to use the Ruby SDK

You can use the Ruby SDK like this:

require 'errordeck'

Errordeck.configure do |config|
config.token = "_r-3A7egL7uMHgAkdRodzxxxAQo"
config.project_id = "1"
config.environment = "development" # optional - if not set, it will be set to Rails.env
config.release = "0.0.0" # optional
config.dist = "0.0.0" # optional

# send a message to errordeck

raise "test"
rescue => exception

How to install the Ruby SDK

You can install the Ruby SDK like this:

gem install errordeck

You can also add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'errordeck'